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Bessie – CV Air Systems Limited – Spannerless airlines system

Bessie Airlines can supply you with and save you money on

  • Truck Airlines and fittings and Accessories
  • After market replacement airlines and Truck parts
  • Suzie as they are more commonly known as and Airlines for A frames
  • Reduced Call outs on trucks and easy to maintain
  • We supply the Bessie Airlines to all factors and dealerships for old and new trucks

The Bessie Spannerless Airline is a must have accessory and fitting for your old or new truck.  We also supply aftermarket replacement airline parts and Suzie airline to fit your A frame. All accessories and truck parts are widely available from most factors, the Bessie is the only quick release system on the market.

The Bessie system is also D.V.S.A and M.I.R.A approved and meets the European Legislation.

“Bessie” Stands for: Best Engineered Spannerless System IEurope.

Spannerless airlines system

Here at Bessie we provide a Spannerless airlines system for trucks old and new to save you money on fractured airlines or Suzie’s as they are known. They will fit any make of truck and all A frames or straight onto the chassis. We also supply replacement parts and fittings for aftermarket replacement Airlines and all accessories airline parts. The system will fit all makes of HGV and LVG trucks the Bessie is widely available from most factoring companies and truck dealers.

Our Bessie training Vehicle is available to all companies large or small for their driver trainers.

The System will reduce the need for callouts for fractured airlines therefore saving your company time and money. The Bessie will only take 20 minutes or less to fit and can be done on the vehicles 6 weekly inspection. The driver can change the a fractured airline in minutes and be back on the road. Once changed he keeps the defective airline and hands it back into the VMU and swap out for a new line, when back at the depot.  They can attach then a new line using the adaptors from the broken lines and it’s ready to be used again for the next break down easy to maintain. D.V.S.A and M.I.R.A approved.

Trade Mark Information, The Bessie design is protected by patents and trade mark registration.

  • Quick release airline system
  • Ideal for multi fleet as one line fits all tractor units
  • Approved by M.I.R.A and DVSA
  • MOT compliant to latest European legislation
  • No down time, no callout, no late delivery and no penalties

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