Benefits for the company

  • Once fitted to the fleet, the red airline and the yellow airlines can interchange with all vehicles EG Volvo,
    DAF, Mercedes, Etc.
  • No need to keep different connectors within workshop or VMU.
  • Cuts costs and time sending vehicles round to VMU.
  • Increases damage control as once a line has been broken the driver has to return his damaged line to
    his workshop to repair or acquire a spare replacement.
  • No Call outs, No down time, No late deliveries, No late delivery penalties, and No Excessive driver
    overtime payments.
  • A must for all fleets takes 20 to 30 minutes to fit to all tractor units and can be done at the 6 weekly
    inspection cycle or when new.
  • Simple to use and to put into drivers CPC training programme.
  • Fits all A frames and Booms plus trailers.
  • Can be fitted with Palm Couplings for European operation.
  • A must for satellite operations where the ability to be independent is vital.
  • The airlines can be easily removed and stored in the vehicle overnight to prevent theft or vandalism.

Benefits for the driver to use the Bessie system

  • Breaking system defects carry a £60 fine and 3 penalty points on their driving licence. This would include airlines rubbing, chaffing or kinked airlines plus any leaks on the couplings and seals.
  • With the Bessie system fitted this would erase the issue above.
  • The Bessie System will save time and stress for the driver with enforced overtime (potentially the driver
    could well have alternative family or social commitments that evening)
  • The Bessie airline breaking system can be incorporated within the CPC training manual.

Saftey first for the driver

  1. The lines only fit one way and therefore cannot be crossed over by mistake as could be with standard
  2. The lines are coloured coded.
  3. A safety lanyard is fitted to prevent the Bessie locks from falling between the chassis.
  4. No tools required to change the Bessie Airlines.
    • If the company benefits from having the Bessie system and as a result could generate more profit it is
      more likely that the driver would benefit financially too.
    • In summary once fitted our Bessie system when combined with the driver CPC and SAFED will make it
      easier for them to attain a greater level of Professional competence.

Each Company will also get an instruction label to attached to the back of the cab on how to change the Bessie airlines.

Replace a damaged Bessie airline

  1. Switch off engine and apply handbreak.
  2. Trailer break must be applied.
  3. Disconnect Bessie airline at the driver’s end first.
  4. Unlock Bessie airline lock with key on driver’s key fob. Remove lock from coupling (lock will be attached to cab with chain to
    prevent loss).
  5. Disconnect Bessie airline at cab end and replace with spare of the correct colour that is carried in cab.
  6. Connect replacement Bessie airline at the cab end first.
  7. Replace lock and secure with key.
  8. Start engine and wait for air to build up pressure. Then replace airline to trailer.
  9. Store old Bessie airline for return to maintenance department upon return to base depot.
  10. Release the trailer break.
  11. Report to main depot that Bessie airline has been replaced.