CV Air Systems was founded by me Colin Morris. I have been in the logistic business for over 35 years as an engineer and a LGV driver.

Collin Morris – founder of CV Air Systems

I started the business four years ago when I designed my product the Bessie a new spannerless airline system for HGV trucks. I became aware of vehicle breakdowns and the associated costs that the company had to pay and the penalties which were incurred for late deliveries which ran into thousands of pounds. That is when I had my idea of designing a new airline system.

The Bessie is a spannerless system that allows the driver to change a broken airline without the use of spanners, which at the moment the old system the Susie needs the driver to call out a fitter which could lead to a 2 to 3 hour delay and the missed delivery slot costing the company extra money to re-book and re-route the vehicle, when the Bessie system only takes 5 Minutes to change and at the fraction of the cost and no callout fees saving the company not only time but money.

The First Installation

A Bessie van outside our main office

The first system was put onto a 44ton MAN arctic unit which is owned by the MX Group in Tewkesbury. We now have several new large companies placing orders including Bibbys Culina, DHL Jeffery’s, Ceva, Downton’s, Gregory’s Martin Bower just to name a few.

The Product has already gone through extensive trails (with Product has already gone through extensive trials) with input from experts at M.I.R.A, DVSA and now also complies with the EC Directive 71/320/EC requiring the airline to be part of the towing vehicle. It is Mot compliant and can also be fitted with palm couplings for the EU specification trailers and draw bar attachments.

With regards to the fitment the system can be complete installed and ready to roll within 20 Minutes.

In February 2024 you would have noticed the change of the company name from CM engineering to CV Air Systems with this change came the addition of two new Directors. The one Director that has joined the company is Vaughan Little, both directors have many years of experience in the CV parts aftermarket and both are determined to help continue the growth of the company and the Bessie Airline product.

Colin is looking forward to working with Vaughan as the sales Director in taking the Bessie further into the aftermarket place.