New Bessie Commercial

This is our new Bessie Commercial airline coil; you can see a product image and view the technical drawings below. We also have detailed instructions on how to replace a damaged BESSIE Airline. This instructions are supplied with each airline.

How to replace a damaged BESSIE Airline

Each Company will also get an instruction label to attached to the back of the cab on how to change the airlines.

  1. Switch off engine and apply handbreak.
  2. Trailer break must be applied.
  3. Disconnect Bessie airline at the driver’s end first.
  4. Unlock Bessie airline lock with key on driver’s key fob. Remove lock from coupling (lock will be attached to cab with chain to prevent loss).
  5. Disconnect Bessie airline at cab end and replace with spare of the correct colour that is carried in cab.
  6. Connect replacement Bessie airline at the cab end first.
  7. Replace lock and secure with key.
  8. Start engine and wait for air to build up pressure. Then replace airline to trailer.
  9. Store old Bessie airline for return to maintenance department upon return to base depot.
  10. Release the trailer break.
  11. Report to main depot that Bessie airline has been replaced.