Here are a few testimonials from companies who have used the Bessie for their vehicles. Including DHL, BIBBY Distribution and more.

John Edmunds

Owner of JSE Transport
Member of TPN.  The Pallet Network

“New Bessie Spannerless Airlines fitted to Scania’s I think these are great, no more late night calls for broken airlines.  Best thing to be fitted to a truck since the wheel many thanks to Colin Morris.”

Posted on linkedin 8th February

Tyrone Lanaway

Fleet Engineer, Nagel Langdon

“For the Last two and a half Years we have fitted the Bessie Quick Release 350 vehicles with them on. Our airline failures were always a course for concern to us as we run very close coupled Fridge Tractor Trailer combinations. Since deciding to fit the Bessie Quick Release Systems our troubles have dissipated away so that now we don’t have to worry one bit as we can rest easy in the knowledge that the trucks are kitted out with the Bessie’s and that our drivers can change their own in minutes and be back on his journey with the minimum of fuss and Bingo for us the Minimum of cost.”

Mark Matkin

National Fleet Manager, Culina Logistics

“We have been running our trucks with the Bessie Quick Release Couplings for the last two years and now can happily state it has been a very good decision on our part.” We used to lose several hours a month running time through broken airlines not to mention the cost implications of getting external assistance to get us underway. “However now the drivers can change their own in a simple and safe manner and be back on the road in minutes”. As a result of its success we now have 450 plus trucks fitted with the Bessie Kits and now request it to be spec as standard on all future purchases.”

BIBBY Distribution

Adam Purshall, National Fleet Manager

“The Bessie system has successfully addressed an industry wide problem that has resulted in excessive downtime and unnecessary cost for the many years. The well designed and manufactured product has enabled Bibby Distribution to reduce its cost, improve productivity and vehicle up time. Bibby Distribution have been so impressed with the system, we now specified the Bessie System be fitted on all new vehicles, including the order of 450 currently being introduced to the fleet.”

Nick Robinson

Managing Director, Max Group

“I have a haulage company in Tewkesbury I have had the Bessie fitted to my  trucks and I can say that it is the best thing since sliced bread, not only has it saved me time but money as well. Before I had the Bessie fitted we were delivering shower trays to a DIY Warehouse in Ireland, the airline fractured en-route in Ireland, and this incurred a 3 hour wait, plus the fitting and callout charges, plus a fine for late delivery all of which amounted to getting on for £900.00.

With airline breakage making up a significant proportion of all breakdowns the “Bessie” will offer a significant long term saving, especially when you consider the cost of replacement hose is a fraction of the initial cost of the kit, I wouldn’t be without it. Absolutely a brilliant piece of kit a must have for any truck company. The Airline can be changed and the truck back on.

The road within minutes with no fuss and no call out charge as the driver can change the airline himself. As the Bessie uses BS138 couplings there is minimal requirement for extra training for the driver, as the set of parts will come with a series of instructions that are simple to follow, and are an extension of the existing coupling practice.”

Sam Tilley

DHL Trade Team

“I have the Bessie system on my trucks and I think that the BESSIE is the solution for any trucking company. Cutting out the costly call out fees and time saved on breakdowns any driver can replace an airline now without tools, so the truck is back on the road, meaning no fines for late delivery, no call out charges. I am very happy with this product the best system to come onto the market.”

SPIERS and Hartwell Logistics

Andy Durband, Workshop Manager

“Having fitted the Bessie airline system to all our new trucks for the past
3 years, we now have 80% of our fleet equipped. Any airline failures are dealt with in the minimum downtime and the simplicity of the system gives peace of mind to both the driver and operator.”

Other companies who have the Bessie fitted are:, Acumen, Gro-continental, Travis Perkins, Uk Mail, Gist World, Yusen Logistics, Nestle, N S Clarke, Earls Transport, Stiller’s, UPS, Longlane Logistic’s, Whites Logistics, Kammac.



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