MAN Commercial Kit 6563

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The box kit is a good alternative for retro fitting your trucks or if you have your own VMU.

The kit has everything you need to retro fit your fleet all that is needed is your own airlines and self-sealing valves or you can order it so that you have a box of spares for every eventuality. The kit is available for all makes of trucks just order stating code from list.

1 x Gold Pin 6517

1 X Aftermarket 6513

1 x Coupling Male 6507

1 x Complete Spare Red 6521

1 x Complete Spare Yellow 6522

1 x Red truck Mounted 6505

2 x Washers   18 x 22

2 x Hex Nuts 18 x 18 6543

2 x Std Bulkhead 6545

1 X Red Lock B1003

1 x Yellow Lock B1002

1 x Bessie Bag

1 x Cab Sticker

All kits available with palm fittings and in large coils please state when ordering